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Why and how does Vitamin D prevent / minimise COVID-19?

The importance of Vitamin D to help maintain a resilient immune system has, understandably, been catapulted into the headlines recently. More and more compounding evidence is linking Vitamin D supplementation with a reduction in the potential damage caused by the SARS virus COVID-19
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It’s good to talk

Who can remember the Bob Hoskins adverts for BT? They were quite iconic at the time (Mid 90’s maybe?) and the key strap line was ‘It’s good to talk’.  Well, that’s definitely just as important today as it was then…if not more so! With lockdown limiting the amount of face to face conversation we are able to [...]
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Furry Friends

From the second we bring them home our pets instantly become part of the family. From the playful pony, to the loyal dog, to the cheeky cat, to the hungry hamster…..all pets hold a special place in their owners hearts. But what a lot of owners don’t know is that their furry friends come with some powerful health benefits. A well [...]
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Vitamin C & D

We all want to look and feel as healthy as possible and most of us have a good understanding of what we need to consume for a healthy, balanced diet. (Although we are all guilty of not always doing it!)😬 We’ve all been left with that sluggish feeling when we’ve over indulged on certain foods and drinks that we know are going to [...]
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Gut Health

Gut health is such an incredibly complex topic which can’t possibly be covered in one post! We will share a much more detailed blog at a later date but it would be remiss of us not to mention it in these top tips as it has such a huge influence on your immune system as well as your stress and anxiety levels. There is now overwhelming [...]
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If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed a change of perspective can really help…..sometimes it’s just a matter of literally turning things on its head. Getting your body into an inversion pose can actually bring an overwhelming sense of calmness and clarity. Don’t panic, we’re certainly not suggesting you cartwheel [...]
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Cold Showers

A cold shower may sound shockingly unappealing but there are so many health benefits associated with turning down the temperature.  Exposing your body to cold water increases the amount of white blood cells in the body. It is these white blood cells that help protect your body against disease and support our immune system.  The cold water also [...]
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We are surrounded by nature….even in the centre of the largest city you can always find signs of nature.  Being in nature can instantly reduce stress and anxiety. Research suggests that we are naturally programmed to be engrossed by nature so it can distract us from any negative emotions we maybe feeling. Exposure to nature not only [...]
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Breath practice is often the most overlooked and underestimated form of relieving stress but at this current moment in time, it should be an essential part of your day. Our breathing is THE most important function for sustaining life so we should really focus on it a lot more than we do!There are many studies which directly link deep breathing [...]
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How to reduce stress & improve immune system

Well, 2021 didn’t quite get off to the start we were all hoping for!   With the UK forced back into a full lockdown it’s fair to say we’re all feeling a little  nervous, anxious, frustrated and stressed. Over the next couple of weeks we thought it might be useful to share each day a simple life hack that will help ease your [...]