At Challenge Physio we pride ourselves in providing effective and long lasting treatment for everything from sciatica to the most complicated of sports injuries. But don’t just take our word for it! Check out real reviews and testimonials from our clients below.

Andrew G - Company Director

I am a nearer 60 than 50 year old gent with a liking for adventure.  After many years of travelling around America, Nepal, Thailand and the majority of Europe on various motorcycle journey’s (both on and off road) I have perhaps not surprisingly picked up various related injuries and strains.  To allow me to pursue my ‘thing’ I have been seeing Rob on a regular basis for around 10 years now.  He has straightened me out on many an occasion and returned me to my imaginary young self ready to pursue yet another escapade.

Rob is very approachable and patient, but more importantly effective.  He is responsible for at least one 6000 mile trip which would not have happened if he had not worked diligently to return a broken ankle to a weight bearing motorcycle support device.

Rob’s vast experience and multiplicity of disciplines allow him to tailor treatments to the issue at hand.  I believe he is both a rare and valuable asset to the North East and one I almost hesitate to recommend in case he gets too busy to keep an adventurer adventuring.

Dr. Helen Williams

After years suffering chronic low back pain, hip ache and stiff neck and  as many years seeking pleasant enough but ineffective help from physiotherapists, an osteopath and sports-massage specialists I thought I had to accept both that I’d hurt every day and that my hyper-mobile joint condition and a desk based job were an incompatible but unavoidable blight on my life.

Last year things deteriorated with an episode of coccydynia so acutely painful I had to take time off work and invest in a range of inelegant but highly amusing cushions, for car, home and work. Websites about ‘tail bone spasm’ told me it was going to get worse as it was so difficult to treat. Tears at the end of the day was my new normal it would seem…… then I went to see Rob.

I could tell something different was happening when after taking my history he began talking about how and where I carry my stress and trauma and how I act to protect myself. Basically by holding my breath, curling into a ball inside and, like my pet lurcher does, tucking my tail between my legs when things get too scary. We worked out my psoas muscle (which lines the back of the abdominal cavity and is the big kahuna terms of keeping upright) was so strong and in constant spasm it was sending my spine out of whack.

In 6 weeks the tail bone was aligned and I could sit down again. I learnt how to breathe properly. I learnt about muscle girdle systems and how to recognise the signals my body was sending me about my ‘emotional holding pattern’. All of me began to feel better, more tuned in and less fearful of the thought my body was damaged or broken in some way. It’s just me and how I shoulder stuff, I simply need to do trauma release exercises regularly if I want to manage the pain of my stress.

I continue with top up sessions. I’ve referred my husband (chronically desk-hunched and post-latarjet surgery after a smashed shoulder when skiing ). He’s thrilled with his improvement too.

Rob is a unique healer. He’s the most skilled and knowledgeable physiotherapist I’ve met. He’s taught me lots about the mind and body and, here’s the punch line, I’m a doctor. Trust me when I say trust him. He’ll get you feeling better.

Nick Parkes - Master Swimmer World Champion, European and GB national open water and pool Champion

I have used the services of Rob White for many years and have found his friendly approach and gift of immediately finding a solution to my injuries, to be so different to other practitioners in this field.

As an elite swimmer I cannot afford to be out of training and Rob has succeeded in helping to maintain my health and ongoing success in the pool.

Thank you so much for your structure and healing hands Rob.

Judith Garbutt - Practitioner Psychologist

Ten years ago I was experiencing migraines at least twice a week, each lasting a couple of days. A variety of daily preventative medication and pain medication became the norm, followed by an extended period of time off work and the suggestion of medicine normally used to treat epilepsy. Fast forward to now: maybe 3 or 4 migraines a year, no preventative medication and rarely do I need pain medication when I do have one.

The difference? An understanding of my triggers, Rob’s expertise in treatment methods and him showing me different self help strategies. Through this I now understand how my body responds both positively and negatively to everyday life. Rather than bad heads, pills and time off work, my toolkit (as advised by Rob) now involves a small pressure ball, a spiky ball, a Pilates band, a Pilates roller, Pilates exercises, correct breathing, correct sitting and my choice of a regular ‘touch base’ clinic visit.

Rob’s treatment looks at the whole person and is on a level way, way above that of any other physio involvement I’ve ever had. I never cease to be amazed by his knowledge, expertise and ability to quickly scan a body, listen to symptoms and go immediately to the source. For me, the impact of Rob’s input has been massive and I credit his involvement in me becoming medication free, teaching me specific techniques to proactively target my stress spots and having full work attendance for 7 years. I cannot recommend Rob highly enough. Give it a go. He’s more than up for the challenge.

Sharon Tattersdill - Schoolteacher and PE Leader St Paul’s RC Primary - Billingham

I think it is fair to say that before I had met Rob I had given up on the idea of ever been pain free! A keen runner and dancer I was devastated to be diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in both feet, bursitis in both hips and lower back pain. My core muscles had been left extremely weak after various surgical procedures. I spent two years been passed from consultant to consultant and taking very strong medication alongside pain killers. I had seen other physios, but no one appeared to be able to understand why all these symptoms were occurring.

Rob’s approach was completely different to anyone I had met before. His friendly manner immediately put me at ease and for the first time in years I had hope. Rob is motivating and positive. He looked at the whole picture not just where the pain was coming from and he has helped me to understand my own body. His up to date knowledge on treatments and the effect of diet and lifestyle has allowed me to take back control of my life. Rob has identified the root cause of my problems and through working on that area the other problems have been corrected. Through his guidance I can honestly say I am now amazingly pain free for most of the time. I am back doing things I thought I never would, not taking any medication and generally feel the healthiest I have for a long time. I am truly grateful to Rob and his unique approach and would recommend him to anyone who is suffering any form of pain.

Dr. Claire Jackson - General Practitioner

Rob has been treating my family and I for over a decade and has helped us solve a variety of musculoskeletal problems. He has a refreshing holistic approach, focussing on the individual as a whole rather than treating an injury in isolation.

Margaret Snowdon - Property owner - Stokesley

Approximately a year ago, I was totally incapacitated and in excruciating pain with sciatica  – after a number of weeks the pain did not subside and after MRI scans and in desperation,  I was lined up for an invasive spinal operation to relieve the pressure on the nerve which was causing the pain – this was my only option until I was recommended to see Rob White – I have to say I was in a bit of a bad way, I had lost a lot of weight due to the agonising pain gradually depleting my general health.  Rob assessed my situation in such a way that  I can only describe as ‘ forensic precision’ – with his unique method  he was able to peel back the layers and identify the root cause of why the sciatica had occurred – he was sure that I could avoid this serious operation – I have to say as I was enduring such horrendous pain I was sceptical, but I put my trust in his expert judgement and within a few weeks of various massage/manipulation and recommended exercises,  I was showing signs of improvement and the pain gradually reduced  to the point that the operation was cancelled – for which I was extremely grateful.

I cannot recommend Rob highly enough, his pinpointing methods are quite amazing and he calls upon his wealth of experience and knowledge to give the utmost support for recovery and in this respect and  on his recommendation I am now attending both yoga and ballet exercise as part of his rounded programme which is strengthening my weak areas to achieve ongoing avoidance of both pain and the dreaded ‘knife’!

Cathy Roberts - Retired in Eaglescliffe

I first attended Rob’s clinic some years ago at Eaglescliffe medical practice after I had tweaked my back playing with my daughter.   I was in absolute agony and after a detailed assessment he went on to make a plan with exercises to get me on the road to recovery.   Of course everyday life kicks in and lifting tomato bags is never a good idea and I should have known better, but even after that Rob managed to sort it out and, touch wood, I have been pain free for some years now.

When my daughter had a dance injury I had no hesitation in taking her to Rob and over a number of sessions he supplied exercises to build her recovery and a return to dance.  She now has a first in Dance from uni so he helped her achieve her ambitions too. More recently both my daughter and I attended Pilates classes in our local primary school which strengthened my core and reduced the risk of injury. It was also enjoyable, if not a little tricky, to get right but Rob persisted with the class to get us all to make improvements, with a touch of good humour to keep us motivated.

Moving with the times Rob also supplied links to exercises which could be downloaded and giving bespoke treatment to my husband when he tweaked his back lifting.

We should both be much more careful!

Karen Coleman - Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

I’ve been seeing Rob for about four years now and he always knows the best way to treat me despite how complicated my condition is.

I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a complex condition which affects multiple joints and muscles. It can be very hard to treat as I often present with completely different symptoms each time I come to see Rob.

However, Rob’s approach of considering my body and lifestyle as a whole has meant that he has always figured out the route of my pain no matter how challenging it may be. For example, he found that the pain in my big toe was actually due to a problem in my neck and was able to relieve my pain.

He’s also helped me understand a lot more about my condition and given me strategies to help cope on a day-to-day basis.

There is no doubt in my mind that I would have been much worse off without Rob’s help.

Ian Small - Retired Head Teacher

I have never used a physio until this year (2018) when I suffered a severe bout of sciatica. During my lifetime I have led a fairly active life with walking playing a major part in this. I have now been retired for seven years and look for walking opportunities in my local area and on holiday.

I taught for 38 years in various primary schools and looking back I did an awful lot of bending down and sitting on chairs suitable for younger children so I was not without the odd ache and pain upon retirement. However, early this year I suffered a severe attack of sciatica which led me to seek help and support from Rob who has diagnosed the root cause of the aches and pains in my back.

Rob has given me a regular set of exercises, to not only considerably ease my sciatica problem but also ease pain from a worn disc which was diagnosed by my doctor five years ago.  The exercise regime recommended by Rob has led me to stop taking the medication I was prescribed as the pain from the worn disc has eased considerably.

I cannot recommend Rob White highly enough for the work he has done with me to relieve my symptoms.

Iain Wallace - Retired Engineer

My entire experience with Challenge Physio was first rate.

My first appointment with Robert was for the detailed assessment, diagnosis and plan. Robert explained the causes of my problem with my back and why it was so painful, how other old injuries causes problems, need to be considered and how we would approach the treatment.

We started treatment immediately and felt it immediately helped the intense pain.

The appointment reminders really were much appreciated as were the videos of the exercises.

However, the main reason I am rating my experience 5 stars is because of the excellent treatment I received from Robert. He took the time to explain to me the reasons behind the exercises he was asking me to do and the importance of continuing the exercise even when my back was greatly improved and back to normal. Robert is extremely professional with friendly and approachable manner and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking physio treatment.

Superb care and personal service with a high level of professionalism. Knowledgeable, helpful and honest about the pros and cons of various options for treatment.

Chris Aston - Avid Trekker

I would have no hesitation in recommending Challenge Physio to my friends and family. Robert is highly competent and diligent in his diagnostic process. The exercises he provided me with certainly helped alleviate the issues I had.

Sam Dover - Fitness Enthusiast

I can’t recommend Challenge Physio highly enough.

I contacted them and had an appointment almost immediately.

Robert was amazing at diagnosing my injury and was very professional yet approachable which made me feel at ease.

Robert gave me exercises to do, which I have done and I am cured!!!

I’ve had follow up contact ensuring that I’m ok, so the after care is great too. Thank you so much for your help and patience.

Stephen Thackray - School Teacher

Outstanding treatment. Really professional service, left me feeling very positive. I would highly recommend Challenge Physio.

Joseph Mukungu - City Worker and Crossfit Fanatic

As someone who is highly active and a lover of extreme sports, I have tended to pick up the odd injury from time to time.

I have over the years tried a number of Physio’s but my treatment at Challenge Physio has always been the most effective.

They recently helped treat my ITBS which had stopped me from running.
It was not getting better through the typical treatments so I contacted Rob at Challenge Physio. He did what he does best; thought outside the box and in short order I was back running again.

Challenge Physio take a holistic and cutting edge approach that gets results. I could not recommend them highly enough.

Joan Jones- Retired NHS Employee

It’s 3 months since I came to see Rob in absolute agony with my hip. Today, thanks to him I am feeling great and still able to get out and about. I’m feeling that good I have just taken on a 10 week old puppy! Without Rob none of it would have been possible.

Vicky Charlton- Custodian

I feel I have finally found what I’ve been looking for.

Rob has been my saviour, seriously this guy is amazing.

I have suffered for the last 20 years with neck problems, which then lead to back and shoulder pain. He identified, virtually straight away, the problem which was from a nerve injury 25+years ago.

I have attended many physiotherapists, doctors and chiropractors over the years, but never got much out of them.

My first appointment with Rob went extremely well, more than I ever expected. Answers and relief almost instantly, he made me feel so comfortable, his professionalism and knowledge is outstanding. The exercises he gave me are easy to do throughout the day.

My second appointment was just as successful he worked on my shoulders, arms and neck and gave me so much more information.

I don’t need to go back anymore just keep up with the exercises every day but he did say any questions or if I want to go back he would always be available.

In my 52 years I have never met anyone who is more educated, dedicated, understanding and caring.

Thank you so very much Rob, you have seriously changed my life.

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