What we do

What we treat

As the name suggests, at Challenge Physio we often see complex cases of injury and discomfort. In fact the most common opening line from our clients is … “I’ve been here, I’ve been there, but I’m still no further forward”.

Whilst we revel in helping challenging cases, we also accommodate the more common problems associated with a Physiotherapy practice;

Sports Injuries

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder issues

Knee Injuries


Elbow problems

Referred Pain



Widespread pain

The above isn’t exhaustive so if your problem isn’t listed, just get in touch here and we’ll happily discuss how we can help.

Physiotherapy - Neck Pain

What to expect

To start your Challenge Physio experience simply contact us here to book your first appointment.

Your initial appointment will be approximately 1 hour.

This is the most important part of the process. Your current history, symptoms and past medical history are all noted. The information shared here will significantly help to guide the physical assessment.

Often talking through the traumatic events of the past can help to explain problems in the present!

Questions will be asked that cover your entire way of life and detailed explanations will be given to help understand the significance of it all.

Following the in-depth discussion, a physical assessment will take place. Occasionally it is easier to assess someone physically with certain items of clothing removed. However, if you are uncomfortable removing any clothing, you may remain dressed throughout.

We would usually recommend wearing loose and comfortable clothing and, where suitable, have the painful area exposed.

After the physical assessment is completed, a diagnosis of your problem will be offered with an explanation as to how this may have happened, how it can be treated and what to do next.

If it is mutually agreed that treatment would help with the problem, your next appointment will be scheduled in order to start the process of getting better.

We take pride in offering excellent customer service and as such, we will communicate with you throughout your Challenge Physio experience. Should the need arise at any time, we actively encourage you to contact a member of the team, via telephone or email, with any queries you may have.

Physiotherapy Treatment