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Breath practice is often the most overlooked and underestimated form of relieving stress but at this current moment in time, it should be an essential part of your day.

Our breathing is THE most important function for sustaining life so we should really focus on it a lot more than we do!There are many studies which directly link deep breathing exercises with an improvement in positive thought processes, reducing symptoms of anxiety and also improve cognitive function. 

Combine all this with the fact that COVID-19 seems to attack the respiratory system, maintaining strong, powerful and efficient breathing muscles should be a priority for all of us right now. 

Start with 10 slow and low (Think and feel for your waistline, lower abdominal region – this is where to channel your breathing) deep breaths every morning before you get out of bed. 

Ideally in and out through your nose, but if this is awkward, start with mouth breathing in and out through your nose, but if this is awkward, start with mouth breathing.

As you become more competent with the technique, practice it a variety of postures and increase to as many times a day as possible. 

Check out the very useful link on Challenge Physio YouTube channel ‘Mobility exercises to reduce stress’ which starts with some targeted breathing exercises.

January 8, 2021

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