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Spinal Spring- How your body absorbs shock

How does your body absorb shock? In this video I explain how your rib ‘cage’ is actually more like a spring and the important role posture plays in keeping it healthy.

In the last video, I went in to how your ankles work as shock absorbers. This time, we move up the body to look at where else in the body this occurs. I’ll start by dispelling the common myths that your knees and lower back absorb force.

Then, we’ll look at the real shock absorber, your rib cage! With the help of some handy pics and videos, I’ll show you how your ribs move to absorb force… just like a slinky!

Finally, I’ll let you know how good posture is essential for maintaining your ‘spinal spring’ and how the posture you’re most likely sat in right now is actually causing all that force to be diverted into other parts of your body, causing pain and discomfort.

July 8, 2019

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