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My #1 Physio Exercise

Technology is AMAZING.

Not only does it allow us to do way more than we used to be able to in any given minute of the day, it has successfully altered the way that we USE our bodies.

Unfortunately, the physical changes that are all to common in ‘normal’ human posture these days simply aren’t changes for the better! We have moulded our bodies into a rigid position that enables us to cradle our beloved smartphone and flick through millions of minutes of screen time that JUST WON’T IMPROVE our lives for the better.

To top it off .. repeatedly going into this posture is hugely detrimental to our health, it shuts down other systems in our bodies that are crucial to the basic functioning!

So I give you, My #1 exercise to help reverse the tech posture, re-open your trunk, re-charge your organs AND get the blood flowing back round the body – get SWINGING folks!!!!

February 7, 2020

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