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Deep Abdominal Breathing: Quick Back Pain Relief!

Deep Breathing is an often overlooked tool for improving your health and easing back pain. In this video, I show you some simple exercises to improve your diaphragm and get you breathing correctly.

It’s one of the first things you do when you are born, one of the most powerful skills you can maintain and improve and yet, we ALL take it for granted – DEEP ABDOMINAL BREATHING!

In this video I take you through some really simple steps on how to improve the function of your main breathing muscle – THE DIAPHRAGM – and explain how asking more of this vital piece of muscle tissue, on a regular basis, can significantly improve your overall well-being as well as reduce your pain and discomfort from virtually every problem.

When your diaphragm is working more effectively, your entire body will thank you!! Taking time to breathe like you used to as a child provides incredible gains in overall CORE strength, improves your circulation, helps to reduce stress levels and will basically make you a much better human being!!


July 24, 2019

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