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Stand straight and feel great!

Posture dictates emotion, emotion dictates posture

Have you ever heard the saying “posture dictates emotion and emotion dictates postureā€?

Consider that for a moment and picture how difficult it is to stand tall and proud when you are feeling upset and sad. Alternatively, how hard it is to express happiness and vitality when you are slumped or curled up.

When you’re reminded of the powerful connection between mind and body it becomes shockingly apparent how influential they are to each other. Improving the health of your physical being will improve your mental state.

However, achieving an optimal balance is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Why is good posture so hard to achieve?

We are living in an age where so many factors are affecting, limiting and ultimately suppressing our physical being. WE JUST DON’T MOVE… certainly not like we used to!

More often than not, our ill health can be attributed to a sustained, unhealthy posture.

A recent study was published that proposed, on average, we are now sitting for up to 14 hours a day… 14 HOURS !!

Think about that, if you are lucky to get the average 7 hours sleep, you’re already up to 21 hours of inaction. That leaves just 3 hours a day to be out of a static posture, moving your body around, circulating some blood, cleansing your organs and oiling your joints.

It’s no wonder that sickness absence from work because of back pain is steadily climbing. Everything is computer driven; at work, home and then constantly in between, thanks to the rapid development of smartphones and the easily accessible social media.

For example; you pick up your smart phone, open Facebook and read something that triggers a negative thought in your mind…

Cue the poor posture!

Repeat this process throughout the day, multiple times each week and before you know it, that poor, unhappy posture has become a learned response in your body. A bad habit that can be difficult to break, especially if you’re only moving 3 hours a day!

As the title suggests, standing straight CAN feel great. However, sometimes finding your optimal posture can be tough as so much is pulling you down. You may have suffered an acute injury to your knee, shoulder, neck (frankly, ANYWHERE) or you may have undergone surgery either recently or several years ago.

Chances are your mind and body on their own haven’t quite figured out the most efficient way for you to move again and the strategy they have adopted has set you to fail, again and again, maybe in different areas of the body.

So what do you do about it?

If this sounds like how you feel, fear not, help is at hand. By combining over 15 years of clinical experience and consultancy work with training from some the world’s leading therapists, I can offer you a truly holistic approach. An assessment would typically involve discussing ALL your issues, physical & emotional, to unearth the cause of your pain. This unique approach often helps clients understand their ailments far more than conventional methods and ultimately leads to much better, long-standing results.

So don’t get stuck in the ‘bad posture – bad mood’ loop any longer. Book an assessment with me (click HERE) and we’ll work out the ‘driver’ to your problem, free up your pain and teach you how to move again so you can realise your FULL potential!

April 13, 2018

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