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Can you beat chronic pain?

There are many reasons why you may be getting repeat chronic pain.  It may be caused by a physical injury to the body.  However, many people suffer from chronic pain due to daily stress, mental trauma and underlying emotional issues.


Chronic pain can leave you feeling utterly debilitated, extremely anxious and with a sense of hopelessness.  Unfortunately these feelings can then exacerbate the issue which cause the pain to begin with!   It’s heartbreaking to see an increasing number of clients coming into the clinic who feel stuck in this vicious circle of pain and who are often reliant on pain medication.


You CAN break the vicious circle of pain to reduce or eradicate your chronic pain.

For some people it is easy to pin point a traumatic event in their lives that could be the catalyst for the pain…for others it may be more subtle and possibly a build up from an on-going, unresolved emotional issue.  In both of these situations your body reacts in the same way by forcing your nervous system into survival mode.


The problems start arising when your nervous system gets stuck in survival mode (the sympathetic nervous system) and finds it hard to return to normal / relaxed mode (the parasympathetic nervous system). This then forces the body to constantly release stress hormones, such as cortisol, which increases blood pressure and blood sugar levels which then negatively impact on our immune system.  This is when physical symptoms and pain start to appear.   


It is often recommended to combine physical therapy with mental therapy to manage, reduce and alleviate your pain. 

From a physical perspective it is essential to consider your posture and overall body alignment.  By following some simple daily exercises you can improve your body alignment, reduce inflammation and and increase oxygen flow around the body.  This will help to relieve tension, relax muscles, reduce pain and importantly help calm the nervous system. A great starting point is our Posture Corrector Pack.  The pack contains all the equipment you need as well as access to a bank of exercises I have created to help you on your first step to break your cycle!

September 24, 2020

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