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Stem Cell Therapy – The Future of Medicine? Part 2: Panama Aqui Venimos!

Following extensive research into the world’s leading stem cell clinics, my client and I chose to apply for treatment at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama.

After completing the online application and contacting the clinic directly on behalf of my client, in April 2018 we were successfully accepted for a treatment protocol and offered an appointment in July 2018.

Panama City is the capital of Panama and famed for the Panama Canal, an 82 km artificial waterway that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. Panama was granted full free control of the Canal by the US on December 31st 1999, and today, the revenue generated by the Canal toll fees (approximately $2 million profit a day!!) is reinvested into the country’s infrastructure.



Panama City is a vibrant, safe and rapidly growing metropolis that is populated by over 1.7 million multi-cultural people who are proud of their country and extremely hospitable.

To fly there from the UK takes approximately 16 hours. The Stem Cell Institute kindly arranged all of our transfers to and from the airport, as well as our accommodation throughout the course of the treatment.

In fact, the Stem Cell Institute is conveniently situated on the 63rd floor of the same tower block as the Hilton Hotel, so we simply fell out of our hotel room, into the lift and up to the clinic!



Stem Cell Treatment Process


At the first appointment, we were greeted by the reception team who checked over all our details for us while we relaxed and looked across the skyline of Panama City – it’s an AMAZING view, surely one of the best waiting areas in the world – unless you have a fear of heights!!



Once all details were verified, a member of the medical team collected us from reception and guided us round to one of the treatment rooms. There we were introduced to the physician / doctor who took us through the process of Stem Cell treatment.

Your baseline measurements are recorded (Blood pressure, heart rate, blood analysis, etc) and then verified before the first intravenous (IV) line is administered.

Once connected up to the IV the process of starting to receive approximately 120 million mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) begins! You simply sit back and relax, looking out at the coastline of Panama City whilst the cells run around your system, looking for inflammatory markers!

When the transfusion is finished, your vitals are checked again before you leave. The parting advice is to take it easy, try to do some light exercise, like using an exercise bike (there’s a gym in the hotel), drink plenty of water and don’t be surprised if you feel a bit feverish.

Essentially, the priority after treatment is to maximise the mobility of the MSCs around your system and the best way to do that is to optimise your circulation with movement and fluid intake.

After day one, and depending on your allocated protocol, you may return to receive another batch of MSCs. Our treatment protocol involved an approximate dosage of 40 million MSCs each day for 3 consecutive days.


After Stem Cell treatment


The advice given to our party, and in respect of the protocol allocated, was to stay for at least 6 days with the treatment days landing in the middle of the time. This allowed the clinic to monitor the process closely and ensure that they optimise the results as much as possible.

Our entire experience was very professional and perhaps best described as reassuring, as a lot of scepticism still exists around the use of Stem Cells, especially those delivered from clinics in other parts of the world.

My client has definitely felt the benefit of the treatment and, in fact, has scheduled to return for more!

The parting advice I would offer anyone considering Stem Cell treatment;

  • Do your own research / due diligence
  • Where possible – contact people that have used the facilities
  • Talk to the clinic BEFORE visiting
  • Keep your mind open about the possibilities and benefits of Stem Cell treatment
  • REMEMBER – this IS the FUTURE of medicine and that means so many large pharma companies won’t want it to succeed!


July 22, 2019

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