Episode 1 – Viruses, our immune system and lifestyle hacking with Dr. Paul Sumners

Dr Paul Sumners gives us his educated opinion on all things virus and lifestyle optimisation related, in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Paul has a PhD in Respiratory Neuroscience and another PhD in Philosophy. He has spent the last 20 years studying human physiology, developing health improving technologies and researching how the human species can survive and flourish in the modern world. He is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about discovering how best we can ‘hack’ our lives to simply get more from them. Reflecting on human evolution and it’s slow path alongside innovation in technology, Paul can help to clarify why WE may be vulnerable to viruses and more importantly, how WE can use Science to improve our defences – our Immune system optimisation. We hope you enjoy!! More fascinating interviews around the corner…


Do you have pain in your lower back, knees or legs when you walk? If you do… you need to get those arms swinging! Swinging our arms when we walk is an essential part of walking. It aids our momentum to take the strain off our muscles and is something we learn as babies crawling along the floor. So why have so many of us forgotten how to do it? The answer is our old friend technology again! Instead of swinging our arms, we’re keeping them down by our sides as we stare at our screens. In this video, I explain exactly how bad that is for your body and what you need to do to loosen up those muscles and get back to moving the way we’re SUPPOSED to! Take care 👍🏻